The Pelekita,or Pelekiton or Sykia Spilios cave is situated approximately 5 km North North East from the village of Kato Zakros and is reachable by 1 hour trekking from Kato Zakros or via the sea by boat and about 15 minutes from Kato Zakros.

The name Pelekita Cave,has been given due to the nearby quarry, below the cave near the sea, where stone hewer from the limestone was mined.The second name, Sykias Spilios, due to the large fig tree, located on the right of the entrance below the cave.  

The cave Pelekita is an old (geology) subterranean river bed and at the end of the cave there is a lake with water.
The total length of up to 310m. It has several large rooms of width up to 45 meters. It is believed that the cave can be used as a tourist attraction and be fully visited by creating routes length 700m. It occupies an area of about 500sq.m. and taking into account the slope of the floor, the area is much greater. The cave has been mapped in 1969 by the Hellenic Speleological Society.

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