Zakros is a village on the east coast of Crete. Administrative belongs to the municipality of Itanos of the Lassithi prefecture.

It is the second largest village of the Municipality Itanos with 800 inhabitants.
It is 20km distance from Palekastro, 38 km from Sitia, in the midst of a verdant valley with thousands of olive trees that are the source of life for the economy of the place, since agriculture and the cultivation of olives is the main occupation of the inhabitants. Famous for its source and the crystal waters flowing ceaselessly for centuries, making the land fertile that generously share its fruits.kato zakros vacation

Zakros , and the seaport Kato Zakros, located in southern east side of Crete.
Zakros is the part that is higher on the hill, and Kato Zakros is the part next to the sea and ends in a spectacular and pristine beach. In Kato Zakros are located the ruins of the ancient Minoan city of Zakros and are now an important archaeological site of the Minoan civilization.

As a guest, you will enjoy in your stay the unique Cretan hospitality, high quality fruits and vegetables, but also one of the best Cretan olive oils .This excellent quality of the olive oil is due to the topography, and the available water that maintains more than 200,000 olive trees, with natural flow from the source located above the village.

Amazing and blessed place. Not only did not push away its people, but kept them and employs primarily on their land. This certainly was also the case for another reason that made Kato Zakros known all over the world: the discovery of the ancient Minoan palace, the fourth recorded Minoan palace in Crete.
This contributed to the development of a smooth and alternative form of tourism.

The holidays that offered in Zakros, Kato Zakros are among the best and most authentic that you can do in Crete: virgin beaches, excellent traditional Cretan food, journey to the myth and history, feasts with traditional Cretan music, calm, relaxed, unique accommodation, echo toursim activities.

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