The Vai palm forest in Crete, is in the prefecture of Lassithi,and located at the eastern end of Crete next to the sea, just north of the village Palekastro at a distance of about 20 km from Sitia. It is one of the 19 aesthetic forests of Greece which joined in 1973. The reason for inclusion in the category of protected natural areas is the existence of endemic Cretan palm. This palm is known from the Minoan era and called Theofrastos palm (Phoenix theophrasti).

The area of forest is 20 hectares and its name comes from the local dialect, which the Palms are called Vagias or Vagias -> Vai. It is the most extensively palm Phoenix theophrastii forest present in Crete, as in other parts of the island (about 10) found only small groups or a few trees, but there is no forest. The palm forest is fenced.In the fenced area there is a small source, which supplies a small stream. On the eastern edge to the beach, there are dunes, soil particularly favorable for the development of the palm. The location of Vai is very important for Europe because of the uniqueness: Nowhere in Europe is
not known forest from Phoenix theophrastii.