The Zakros Gorge or Gorge of the Dead, is one of the most important in Crete, with archaeological, geophysical and ecotourism interest

The entrance to the Gorge of the Dead, is located in the middle of the path from Zakros to Kato Zakros, is easily accessible and there are several other routes of escalating difficulty. There is also a climbing area at the exit of the gorge.Zakros Gorge,Gorge of the Dead

The name comes from the archaeologist Nikolaos Platonas, whose attempt of searching for the Minoan cemetery of
Ancient Zakros, had led him to investigate and excavate many positions in the wide area of Zakros.
He believed that shall found many archaeological and historical evidence, and it was.The Exploration, had led him along the gorge that connects Zakros with Kato Zakros.On the side walls of the gorge, he discovered that in many caves on the rocks there were burials from Minoan period and earlier,containing important archaeological findings. One of these is a stone jewelry pouch with a tactile grip representing a lying dog.

The Z akros Gorge or Gorge of the Dead gives the opportunity to the Pedestrian to see how amazing is the beauty of Crete. In the canyon ends and European path E4, which starts from the Pyrenees Mountains and through France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria reach the mainland Greece to the Peloponnese to arrive in Crete and in particular in Kato Zakros.

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